Bringing Winter Inside your house: The Displays

Who says that when the holidays are over we’re done decorating? Not me! In fact, I look at my Christmas tree house as a fresh new pallet. Once the Santas, Poinsettias, and Nativities are gone, it’s still winter. So why not celebrate the crisp season inside as well as out?

Last week we gathered all of our naturals. Now what do we do with them? We start brainstorming. Just how do you want to display nature’s winter beauty? The following ideas are just some of the ways I like to bring winter inside.

For the table tops:

Centerpieces aren’t just for special occasions. You can spruce, pun intended, up any table with nature’s bounty. And, since the naturals are dormant you won’t have to remember to water them.

For a nice and simple centerpiece you’ll need to;

Take a short vase and fill it with winter herbs, a couple of small twigs (spray painted white), and a sprig or two of cedar.

Now that the mantle has shed its Christmas dressing, it probably looks pretty bare. This arrangement will look interesting and beautiful.

Now you want a big vase-two matching vases if you have them. Start filling it with: Galled tree branches, gall end up, several stems and branches (left natural colored), plenty of red dogwood branches, and several larch branches with cones still on them. If you have made two, place one on each end of the mantle. If you could only make one, place it in the middle.

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For end tables and occasional tables here are some small winter’s best displays:

With a few small crystal, or glass, bowels and dishes, you can create wonderful winter’s best “arrangements”.

In a crystal, or glass bowl, place:
A nice Poinsettia bloom,
Some cedar sprigs,
A handful of pinecones,
A sprig or two of juniper berry-filled juniper sprigs.

Use your imagination on this one. Just remember to keep it sweet and petite.

I got this idea for the coffee table from my sister Miki:

Take the glass part of a hurricane lamp, and set it on its side. Slide some twigs inside, to span the glass’ entire length. Carefully place some pinecones on top of the twigs. Add a few green sprigs tucked in here and there and brighten up with a piece or two of discarded white birch bark.

For Here and There

Place bowels of nuts on your kitchen counters.
Remember aroma; use winter scented potpourris and candles.
Open up all of the curtains and let all of the sights of winter in.

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