How does Metformin Help You to Lose Weight? It is Effective or not?

I know by now you must have heard that metformin is a drug that helps in the reduction of weight in humans. Though this drug is famous for healing people with type 2 diabetes, doctors as well recommend it to help people reduce weight by taking it. The use of the medicine to heal type 2 diabetes is because it plays a huge role in managing blood sugar levels, has a very little risk of causing blood sugar, and making it easy for the body to absorb glucose in the bloodstream.

Many institutions are still conducting a research on the capability of metformin causing weight reduction as it’s not yet proven. But at the moment, users of the pill to cut weight highly recommend as it has helped several people reduce weight of up to 6 an even some 8 pounds. It might be slow but it provides the change. In this article, we’ve compiled a lot of information concerning metformin, its history, how to take, its other uses and whether it’s safe to use it or not. Read further to know more about this weight loss pill.

Metformin history and clinical development

Although the prevalence of metformin application for healing type 2 diabetes, a good number of individuals have no clue of its origin. Metformin is derived from Galega Officinalis (goat’s rue or French lilac), a herb known for curing a number of diseases from the 17th century. Some findings in the early 1900s indicated guanidine, a compound isolated from the herb, was in a position to reduce blood sugar in animal models. These models as well proposed guanidine by itself was probably too potent and toxic to apply clinically by humans. This sparked off the examining and building of various synthetic derivatives.

One of the doctors by the name Jean Sterne published his outcomes concerning the blood sugar reducing effectiveness of one of those derivatives in the year 1957. The derivative was metformin which he named as Glucophage, meaning the “glucose eater”. Metformin was approved to be used in the US in 1995 when Bristol Myers Squibb got a go ahead to promote metformin in the US. By this time, other nations were already using metformin to heal diabetes type 2 and other ailments that we will mention in this article as you read on.

How to consume metformin as a weight loss pill

Metformin is an excellent medication that does wonders to people with type 2 diabetes and losing of weight. But before taking this medicine, you should follow the right steps so that you fully benefits from it. First before you buy metformin over the counter or any other place, you should consult your physician to let you know if you should apply the drug to cure your diabetes or for eight loss. If you are on medication, you should as well let the physician know. This is important because you don’t want a collision or severe side effects when you wrongly combine metformin with another pill or medication.

After speaking to your physician and getting a go ahead to take the drug, now it’s time to know how to consume it for better results. Metformin can be taken with a meal, no matter if it’s prescribed once a day or twice a day. When taking metformin , one should avoid consuming fatty foods and calorie rich foods. Instead the person taking this pill should concentrate on taking more fruits, whole grains, vegetables and nuts. After eating, one should check their sugar levels from time to time. Also, after taking metformin, one should drink a full glass of water. This will make you feel full and lower your cravings to eat. Thus you will cut off weight as you continue to use this pill.

How does metformin cause weight loss?

According to several studies, metformin can cause weight reduction in some individuals. Though, its not very clear why metformin causes weight loss. A common theory that people use is that it can make you lower your appetite thus reducing intake. Despite a good number of studies showing that metformin can assist in weight loss, the process is not that effective as its slow, when compared to some other weight loss methods. When using the metformin pill to cut weight, it may take approximately one to two years for you to see results and it varies from one individual to another. This might be a loss of 4 to 8 pounds. Some people may lose up to 20 pounds.

Another study shows that taking the drug and not performing other weight loss programs may not lead to weight loss. But if you take the pill and conduct exercise and be on a diet, then you will reduce weight quickly and very well. This is because metformin is regarded to boost how many calories you burn during exercise. People who take the pill and don’t exercise may not fully benefit. Also, when the drug is taken without any other weight loss program, the person will cut off weight as long as they take it. The moment they cease taking the drug the more likely they will return to their weight. Even though the pill works as a weight loss medication, it is not as effective as many people think but still helps to assist a person cut off weight.

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Besides weight loss, metformin can be applied for:

Many people know metformin for its great role in reducing of weight. But also, this pill has other benefits besides losing weight that should be discussed about. We took our time to discuss some of the other health benfits you get when you take metformin pill. These are as follows;


When you check the 2014 ADA guidelines state metformin may be great for patients with pre-diabetes, more so in persons with particular risks issues. These risk issues may include body mass index of greater than 35 kg/m2, less than 60 years of age, history of gestational diabetes, family history of diabetes, particular ethnic groups such as African American, Hispanic and Asian. The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) was a very huge clinical research that tested whether weight loss through diet and exercise or the application of metformin prevented of held up that start of type 2 diabetes. This study was conducted in 27 different clinical bases within the United States and a total 3, 234 players. The players were arbitrarily separated into lifestyle modification intervention, metformin intervention, placebo, and troglitazone groups. The outcome indicated that metformin lowered the creation of diabetes by 31 percent. Nevertheless, weight loss through diet and exercise more effective than using the pill as it reduced the creation of diabetes by 58 percent. The outcome of this research assisted in shaping the present ADA guidelines of healing people suffering with pre-diabetes.

Cardiovascular protection

People with type 2 diabates mostly experience death as a result of macrovascular complications such as peripheral arterial disease, coronary artery disease, and stroke. Prove from huge clinical research from like United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) indicate early healing with metformin in type 2 diabetes lowers long-term cardiovascular complications that can lead to death. This lab discovery can be linked to metformin’s gains on fat, oxidative stress and inflammation. The metformin pill has indicated positive effects on reducing triglycerides, reducing “bad” cholesterol, and marginally raising “good” cholesterol. Furthermore, recent mechanistic findings have indicated how metformin can possess anti-inflammatory effects on the vascular wall and better lipid metabolism in macrophages (cells that assist battle infection in the body). Some individuals in vitro studies are still determining the mechanism for metformin lowering oxidative stress. Outcomes propose that various potential pathways for lowering reactive oxygen species, including decreases in particular proteins involved in intracellular metabolism.


Metfoimn has turned to being a standard of care for healing of type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines recommend that any person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should get a prescription for metformin, unless it is contraindicated or not properly tolerated. When applied alone, metformin can reduce fasting blood sugar approximately 20 percent and HbA1C by 1.5 percent.

The effectiveness of metformin to heal type 2 diabetes is as a result of its multiple mechanisms of action. The pill functions by lowering the amount of sugar created by the liver and thus lowering the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. It as well enables slow absorption of sugar in the intestine and heightens insulin sensitivity in the muscles and periphery to assist the body use sugar. Now that metformin doesn’t raise the level of insulin secreted from the pancreas, as observed with other oral anti-diabetic medications like sulfonylureas, it does not bring about weight increase or highly lower blood sugar.

Cancer healing

The various benefits of metformin might go beyond its power to reduce blood sugar as it is currently under investigation as a probable cure for prevention and treatment of solid tumor cancers such as colorectal, breast, prostate and endometrial. Several in vitro and studies are trying to elaborate the mechanism for how metformin may limit tumor development. The exact mechanism stays unknown, but some prove proposes reduced insulin levels lead to its effectiveness. The current clinical information is mixed and hugely from retrospective epidemiological observational studies. Currently, several clinical findings by famous academic institutions are being carried out to further look into the benefit metformin may have in cancer prevention and treatment. With time, the various studies being conducted will determine whether it’s applicable or not.

During pregnancy

Among the few anti-diabetic medications available that can be regarded for healing women with gestational diabetes and women with existing diabetes that become pregnant, metformin is one of them. When diabetes is not controlled at the time of pregnancy, it heightens the danger of the baby having preeclampsia, shoulder dystocia, and high birth weight. This pill is allowed for use by women who are controlling blood sugar at the time of pregnancy. Nonetheless, insulin and nutrition therapy are regarded as first line treatments before deciding to use metformin. Typically, metformin on its own will not control blood sugar, and a good number of women will gradually require insulin. Metformin pill is an alternative for pregnant women and their physicians to look at.

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Alzheimer’s disease

Other studies as well propose that metformin may have a benefit in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. In the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease, insulin resistance and oxidative stresses are two of the underlying mechanisms involved. In the vitro and vivo research have indicated to several mechanisms behind neuroprotective benefit metformin may have in changing the pathology of the malady. Altering of the metabolic requirements in the brain through its action on mitochondria and a reduction in amyloid plaques are suggested mechanisms for the potential benefits of metformin in Alzheimer’s disease. The positive outcomes of in vitro researches have resulted to interest in clinical studies. With different famous institutions conducting more research on this topic, more information will be soon discovered.

Who should take metformin?

Metformin is an excellent drug that has proven to treat just more than one disease. Usually made to heal people with type 2 daibetes, metformin has been discovered to cure more than just this disease. The drug can be applied to cure people with pre-diabetes, polycystic ovarian, weight loss and obese individuals. Although the drug is not meant for weight loss, it can be prescribed by a doctor to help you shed off some weight. The pill isn’t FDA approved to use for weight reduction by people but doctors give it to its patients. Other studies have as well indicated that athletes and bodybuilders take metformin. So, whether you have diabetes or not, metformin can as well still be prescribed to you to lower weight or heal polycystic ovarian.

Other things that can cause weight loss include:

Metformin as seen above can be a great option for use when a person needs to reduce weight. When combined with a good diet and exercise, the results are just overwhelming. But, what are other methods that can be applied or make a person reduce weight. These are: stress, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and AIDS. In addition, other medications can lead to weight loss. Also, chemotherapy may play a part in reducing weight by causing loss of appetite. Some thyroid medications that boost metabolism can lead to weight loss which include; liothyronine, levothyroxine and liotrix.

Other things that may lead to weight loss are the digestive system issue such as: stomach infections, intestine infections, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, surgeries of the stomach and intestine.

Is metformin safe to take as a weight loss pill?

When it comes to how safe is metformin to take as a medicine, there is no dout that it is one of the safest. This is because many doctors prescribe it to their clients for various healings without restricting them as long as they follow the right procedure to take it. Unlike other diabetic drugs, metformin has no or slight side effects and doesn’t lead to weight gain as most of them. All you have to do is speak to your physician and take it the right way to fully benefit from it.

Speak to your physician before taking metformin for weight loss

Before taking metformin for weight loss, it’s advisable to speak to your physician so that you can be getting the right dosage and what to accompany with it. Different people will require different dosages as the response to the drug varies. Many weight loss specialists and doctors recommend that the drug should be taken and a healthy diet and exercise conducted too. This will speed up the weight loss process for the person without regaining it. Ask your doctor as many questions as you can so that you can embark on a healthy and most suitable weight loss program.


From the above information, it’s clear that metformin is a wonderful and powerful medication when it comes to healing people with type 2 diabetes. But besides this, the drug can as well be used to cure diseases like cancer, poycystic ovarian and obese individuals. Unlike a good number of diabetes drugs, the metformin drug doesn’t lead to weight gain. The medicine functions exceptionally if it’s combined with other weight loss programs like exercise and a healthy diet. All you have to do is speak to your doctor and find out if the drug is suitable for you to take. With the above information, you can take the metfomin pill the right way and fully benefit from it.

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