Feng Shui Garden for Money: Increase Your Wealth From Your Garden

Transform your front or backyard into a gold mine. Great ideas and suggestions to increase your cash flow by investing in a well designed garden by yourself or a professional.

Feng Shui Money Gardens

Locate the main southeast sector of your garden. If the main southeast corner is missing because you live in a semi-detached or row house, do not fret you can still have a money garden. Simply locate the southeast sector of the front and backyard of your garden.

Once the areas are located the fun begins. First decide what money or abundance represents to you. Is money synonymous with beautiful roses or with an array of wildflowers? Use your intuition for your garden and only use the Feng Shui principles as a guideline.

Suggestions for the Money Sector• Water feature in the front of the yard that is proportionate to your garden.

A water feature too small will symbolize a lacking of abundance. It will create wealth but at a much smaller pace. An oversized water feature will bring in chi that may be too powerful for your type of home. Bring in the abundance energy at a steady, meandering rate.

  • Plant Selection: Choose plants that are plentiful and look rich and vibrant. Great colors for plants are red, purple, gold, yellows and royal blue flowers. You want plants that grow quickly and are aesthetically appealing. Go to the estate homes in your neighborhoods and see what plants they use in their garden. Stay away from plants which are frail, and difficult to grow.
  • Keep the garden well maintained. Use environmentally friendly garden products for maintenance.
  • Bring wildlife to your home and keep artificial birds, wildlife and butterflies to a bare minimum. There are many types of plants that will invite your choice of butterflies and wildlife to your home.
  • Have a variety of annual and perennials in the garden. If you only have perennials it suggests no new, unexpected growth which can be nice surprise in the abundance sector. Annuals suggest new growth but nothing is constant which can be quite nerve whacking. A steady flow of wealth is preferred.
  • Get rid of the plastic and invest in some nice patio furniture. If you want wealth have it all over the garden.
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A garden says a great deal to you as you pass it. An empty garden shows your finances are limited while a garden in constant disarray shows your life is busy and hectic. Always ask yourself what is your gardening saying to you?

Feng Shui Garden Themes

Compass Directions

  • North: Career
  • South: Fame
  • East: Family
  • West: Children/Creativity
  • Northeast: Knowledge/Skills
  • Northwest: Helpful People/Travel
  • Southeast: Abundance
  • 8. Southwest: Personal Relationships.

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