Finding Motivation to Go Hiking

Sometimes it’s tough to find the motivation to go hiking. Life gets in the way: work, school, family, etc. It can seem like there is never any time to get out into the woods, and when there is time, you feel exhausted from having to deal with all the other things in life. Below are some ideas to help get away from the distractions in life, and back onto the trail.

Set Hiking Goals to Find Motivation for Hiking

Lay out the maps and guidebooks, and start setting some hiking goals. Is there a trail in the area that you haven’t hiked yet? What about a bigger goal, such as through-hiking a longer trail, such as the Appalachian Trail. Or, what about hiking all of the mountains in Colorado that are above fourteen thousand feet? Whether these goals are big or small, making a list helps to brainstorm ideas and find some motivation.

Plan Hikes in Advance to Find Motivation for Hiking

If you are the kind of person who needs to have everything scheduled in advance, consider writing in a hike into the calendar. Make sure that this is a dedicated time to hike, not a day that can be compromised if something else comes up. Tools such as Google calendar can help get your life in order, and plan ahead. In addition, your other hiking partners can share your calendar to stay updated about future hiking plans.

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Attend a Presentation to Find Motivation for Hiking

Attending a presentation by an outdoor enthusiast is another way to find that motivation to get outside. These could be by a famous mountaineer or a more local outdoor enthusiast who has just had an adventure that they want to share. Often these presentations are free to the public, and are held at local outdoor gear shops, or at a more national chain such as the local REI store.

Get a Partner to Find Motivation for Hiking

A consistent hiking partner can provide that external motivation needed to get off the couch and on the trail. A good hiking partner can provide fun companionship while on the trail, and encourage you when in a slump.

For those who are married or have kids, the perfect hiking partner could be sitting right next to you. Hiking is a great way for families to spend time with each other and enjoy the natural world.

Finding the motivation to hike can happen to any dedicated hiker. By making goals and finding some inspiration, hikers can relight that spark to want to get out and hike.

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