Free, Downloadable Camping Checklist: Lists for Short/Long Breaks

When camping trips come around, there is generally a hasty camping list compiled at the last minute. Take all the fluster out of camping by being properly organised.

Check List for Campers in Africa

Camping in Africa necessitates being very well organised, especially if visiting remote and inaccessible places. Some 4 x 4 wilderness trails in Botswana and other countries specify that a minimum of two vehicles must travel in convoy. Some areas are so remote that everything must be brought in: food, water, fuel, tools, extra spare wheels and so on. While camping in these types of areas is appealing because of their very remoteness and the untouched nature and wildlife, breakdowns and shortages of fuel and food can turn the trip into a nightmare. Download a free, comprehensive AA checklist with tick boxes for all aspects of road travel safety measures, grocery requirements and vehicle safety checks in order to remember everything.

When planning a vacation in or around Southern Africa, remember to factor in public holidays and school terms for 2019.

Family Camping and Short Weekend Break Camping Lists

Obviously, a different list is required for a weekend break compared versus a two-week-long family camping trip. Five free downloadable checklists are provided for different occasions by Kangaroo Tent City, for family, weekend, backpacking, school trips and outdoor entertaining.

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Grocery Camping Lists

With a little imagination, camping food does not have to be freeze dried and unappetising. Shops may not be nearby, though, so pack for emergencies as well. Good staples to bring with are:

  • canned fish,
  • canned fruit,
  • dried cereals such as oats for breakfast,
  • plenty of dried fruit and nuts,
  • carbohydrates such as rice and pasta.

Dried crackers make good substitutes for fresh bread. Canned soup and vegetables make great fillers during the day and are quick and easy to prepare.

Many camping stores sell boxed crockery and cutlery to be kept aside for camping only. They are packaged in such a way so as to be easy to transport and they provide the maximum protection for these fragile items.

If camping regularly, consider purchasing a fridge/freezer that runs off a deep cycle battery. A good camping fridge can stay cold in the bush for as long as two weeks and it’s an invaluable way to store meat, cheese, milk and fresh produce.

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