Hammock Camping Gear List

When going out for a picnic or hunting in the forest, you need to have the right hammock camp gear. This mostly applies to individuals who intend to spend some time there say like 2 to 4 days. Camping in the forest as you hike or hunt is much fun. But it s even greater when you have the right apparatus that don’t make you miss home much. The hammock hunting gear should not be very heavy to tire you up nor very light that make you leave behind some of the crucial items. Below is a list of some of the most important hammock camping gear list.

  • Hammock – first on the list is the hammock itself. Ensure you pick a hammock that is made of quality material and it should be able to hold your weight without any issues. With crawling animals all over the floor and the cold in the forest, a hammock is a great choice.
  • Sleeping bag – this is another option to have. The advantage of having a sleeping bag is that it will cover your entire body very well. Also they prevent a person from catching cold and the right size should be selected with the best material.
  • Hammock bag – since you will use a hammock to sleep and relax on, a hammock bag is required so that shifting from one place to another becomes easy. Some hammocks come with their bags but if doesn’t have one, you should select a bag that has space for other things, too.
  • Backpack – this is one of the most important gears of hammock camping. Select a backpack that will properly and safely keep all the other items that you will use. There are different backpacks with different weights. Choose one that is lighter but with several compartments. It should also be lightweight.
  • Bug netting – when in the forest, there are lots of bugs that can infect you with dangerous diseases and bites. So, it is important to carry with you a bug netting to secure yourself from the bug bites.
  • Rain fly – as you go out camping, you may not know when the weather might get worse. It is just crucial to be ready and carry with you a rain fly for protection from rainfall in case it takes place.
  • Trekking poles – if you are going to change places especially in a mountainous or steep area, then you might need to have trekking poles to help you move around easily.
  • Small camera – it is important to keep the memories of hunting, hiking or mountaineering. This can be done by carrying a small camera that can take photos and record videos. This won’t be a burden and it will assist you capture the most breathtaking pictures and occurrences.
  • Food sack – carry every food that you will need while hammock camping in a food. These are usually large and can store different types if food in one place.
  • Light – a headlamp or flashlight is needed while hammock camping. These are vital at night as they allow you to check your hammock before sleeping or light your path at night.
  • First aid kit – in every outdoor activity, a first aid kit is crucial. One is prone to getting injured or even spiked while in the forest hunting. So, a first aid kit will help you treat a wound or relieve from headache.
  • Knife, stove, fuel and light cooking pan – besides carrying bottled water for drinking and cooking water, you will also need a stove and enough fuel, a knife for cutting food sand cooking pan if necessary. Have the right tools if you want to have a smooth hammock camping in the forest.
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The above hammock camping gear items are important to have if you want to enjoy hunting or hiking for days in the forest.

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