The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews & Benefits 2019 – Buy the Real not Fake

Himalayan salt lamps are becoming very famous around the world. This is because of their health benefits and great light that they provide. The Himalayan salt lamp is a product obtained from the Himalayan Mountains where it’s extracted. These lamps are of a great quality and offer a glow like no other. They are as well environmentally friendly and you don’t have to worry about them harming you in any way. They’ve been found to reduce allergies, asthma, provide better blood and oxygen circulation, among other several health benefits. With such significance to our health, definitely this is a great product to purchase for your home.

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How to select the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Similar to any other outstanding product, the Himalayan lamps are present in various brands and knowing which one is the best is very crucial. This is because some are made from inferior mines and do not provide the real aesthetic value as the true minerals. In this review, we will excellently guide you on how to pick the best Himalayan salt lamp for your health and lighting needs.

Himalayan salt lamp colors

Since the Himalayan salt lamps are mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains where they occur naturally, they hence vary in colors. Most of them range between white, pink, orange, and red colors. All these colors heavily depend on what type of vein they were acquired from. Below are some of the features of every color:


White– getting a Himalayan lamp made from white color is an uncommon thing. Though, some people order these ones as they offer great brightness. Actually, they’re the brightest of all the four colors. Others find the white color to be extremely bright and not comforting at all. Some of the roles that the white color plays include; cleansing, healing and detoxification leading to a more stress free and relaxed individual.

Best Pink

Pink– this color is very attractive to many. But before you decide to pick a pink colored Himalayan lamp, check out the shade and observe if it’s brittle or has dark marks on it. Such a sign could mean that the salt lamp was extracted from a substandard part of the Himalayan Mountain and not from the real mines. Try hard to stick to a Himalayan lamp with dark pink color for greater benefits. Pink color is regarded to arouse love emotions and qualities of a union.


Orange- these are the mostly used salt lamps and are available in huge numbers. They offer the best glow which is in-between bright and dark.

For the best balance, this is the ideal color as it’s an indication of a great quality salt crystal. Some of the roles that this outstanding color performs is to activate the kidneys and supports the nervous systems.


Red- last but not least, the red color is also a good option though they are very dark and don’t provide bright light to your environment. But if you want a Himalayan lamp which doesn’t glow brightly and lets you sleep soundly, then this is the color for you. In addition, the red color carries out a crucial role of promoting oxygen & blood circulation and activates the heart.

What size himalayan salt lamp should i buy?

Size- One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a Himalayan lamp is its size. The bigger the lamp the heavier it is and the pricier it’s sold. If you want to fully utilize the negative ions that the Himalayan salt lamp comes with having a bigger size is a good move. So, if you have a wider room, you need a bigger salt lamp to effectively light your room and produce enough ions. But if you want evenly distributed light and negative ions in your home, having several lamps in every corner is as well a perfect idea.

Best shaped himalayan salt lamps?

Shape- The shape of the Himalayan salt lamp is not of great importance but should be considered as well. There are those that come just in their natural form as they were mined from the base of the mountain and are not altered at all. These are the best and most people prefer them. The other type is the crafted salt lamps. These are created into various shapes with the common one being a bowl, or egg shape and others are made with regard to the customer’s preference.

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High quality himalayan salt lamps?

Condition- Another crucial feature to look for in a Himalayan lamp is its condition or base. After you’ve picked the best salt lamp, ensure that the base is something that is sturdily made and able to last you through for a long time. Some lamps are made with wooden bases while others comprises of metal. There are different shapes and designs to choose from.  One of the vital features to view when inspecting the condition of the salt lamp is the wiring. Make sure the wiring meets UL listed cord requirements and has a high quality lamp socket to minimize dangers.

Himalayan salt lamp benefits

  • Cleanses and betters the indoor air quality – the Himalayan is able to cleanse the air due to its great ability to get rid of pollutants and other kinds of contaminants in the air.
  • Lower allergies and asthma signs – with their power to discard all pollutants and different contaminants in the air, the Himalayan salt thus is able to widely lower the risk of allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Improves your sleep – with the many positive ions that we come in contact with, they affect our sleep pattern leading to insomnia, and nervousness because of the reduced oxygen and blood supply to the brain.
  • But with the Himalayan salt lamp, it discharges negative ions which corrects this enabling you to be at peace and sleep soundly.
  • Betters your mood and overall concentration – if you are stressed most of the time and are moody, a Himalayan lamp can do great magic to your whole being. Due to the negative ions that they discharge, and bring your body back to normal through proper circulation of blood and oxygen leading to a greater concentration.
  • Neutralize electromagnetic radiation – the era we live in is associated with many electronics such as television sets, microwaves, cell phones and computers to just name a few which emit a lot of positive ions. In addition they expose us to electromagnetic radiations which are very dangerous. The Himalayan salt lamps balance these emissions through the negative ions it emits and reduces chances of diseases such as chronic fatigue and increased stress levels.
  • Gives a lovely light and beautifies the environment – these lamps are not only great for your health but as well lights up the environment in a unique and beautiful way. This light can be controlled to light very bright or lower to give you your desired brightness. They are used by many spas and some hotels.

Our Recommend top 5 best Himalayan Salt lamp reviews

We know acquiring the best Himalayan lamp may be confusing as you might be torn between the different roles that the lights play and the brands. After reading the above guidelines on what to look at when choosing the best Himalayan salt lamp, here are some of the best salt lamps highlighted after a deep research by our panel.

Best himalayan salt lamp brand – WBM himalayan salt lamp reviews

The WBM glow carved natural crystal Himalayan salt lamp is one of the best. This natural craved salt lamp comes with a 25 watt bulb that emits negative ions into the air and purifies it. This process gets rid of the pollutants and makes the air free from asthmatic conditions and other allergies. It has a nice amber glow that perfectly brightens your home to a beautiful environment.

Best himalayan lamp brand WBM Check Price on Amazon

In addition, it has a neem wooden base which is very strong and durable thus ensures that the salt lamp is perfectly fitted to last long. Other amazing features of this WBM lamp include; a great size, 6 ft power cord that is UL approved and rotary power switch. For a high quality and 100% extracted Himalayan lamp, this is a great product to get.

Main features:

  • It is built and hand carved in Pakistan.
  • Has a Neem wood base.
  • Has a bulb and dimmer control.
  • Measures 8 to 9 inch and 8 t0 11 pounds.
  • Has a 25 watt bulb.


  • It is durable made with a genuine neem wood base for longevity.
  • It is orange in color to give your home the perfect glow that desire most.
  • It is a great air purifier as it has a 25 watt bulb that unleashes negative ions into the air.
  • Both its lamp and cord are of a high quality as they are UL approved.
  • It clears the air of pollen, smoke and other pollutants through the release of negative ions.

Top rated himalayan salt lamp – Crystal decor salt lamp review

The crystal decor natural Himalayan salt lamp is another outstanding product that you should highly consider having in your home, or office. This Crystal decor is perfectly designed with a star metal to hold the salt lamp well. It is ideal for providing natural lighting in your home with a soothing and sound surrounding. Its light can be used for various purposes at night as it’s not extremely bright.

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You can use it in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and also in the kitchen. Whatever the purpose, this Crystal decor will give you a comfortable and relaxing experience. If you want to breathe easily and avoid all kinds of allergies, the crystal decor Himalayan salt lamp is what you should purchase.

Main features:

  • Star design metal.
  • Natural glow.
  • Weighs 6 pounds.
  • Dimmable cord.


  • It is suitable for curing respiratory ailments with its natural light and emissions.
  • It is perfectly designed to strongly hold the salt lamp.
  • It offers a natural glow which is not very bright and good to light as you sleep soundly.
  • It is strongly made to last longer.

Best himalayan natural salt lamp – Crystal allies gallery salt lamp review

The simple but highly efficient crystal Allies gallery Himalayan salt lamp is just one of a kind. It comes in a pack of two with an excellent bulb that produces 15 watts. It has a dimmable switch, a cord and bulbs that are all UL listed and assures you great performance. These bulbs have an orange color which is desired by many and produces the best glow for various activities in your home. They have a wooden base which is strongly made to perfectly fit the salt lamp.

These lamps are great for purifying the air and will get rid of all impurities in your house by discharging negative ions into the room. In addition, they reduce stress, improve your alertness and increase energy.

Main features:

  • Dimmable switch.
  • 6 inch UL approved cord.
  • 6 to 8 inches.
  • A pack of two.
  • Has a wooden base.
  • Halogen bulb with 15 watts.
  • Weighs 10.9 pounds.
  • Orange color.


  • Has a strongly built wooden base for durability.
  • Produces orange color which has a very bright natural glow.
  • It is UL approved thus a high quality Himalayan salt lamp.

Quality Himalayan salt crystal lamp reviews – Levoit salt lamp

This is one of the uniquely made Himalayan salt lamps in the market. It has a stainless steel base that is strongly constructed to excellently fit the salt lamp. Furthermore, it comes with a UL listed cord which means that it is safe and secure to use without risking fire or any other outbreak. Also, it has an orange color which glows brightly and beautiful to give you a soothing environment around your house or office.

The touch control dimmable lighting enables you to adjust brightness with regard to your varying needs. This greatly shaped Himalayan lamp with one of the best clarity has a 1 year limited warranty on purchase. So, if you have been having sleepless nights, or don’t concentrate often, acquire this Levoit salt lamp for a better and healthy life.

Main features:

  • Has a stainless steel base.
  • Weighs 8 to 11 lbs.
  • Touch controlled dimmable control.
  • UL approved cord.
  • 2 bulbs.


  • Produces an orange glow which is extremely bright.
  • Is well constructed with a stainless steel base for longevity.
  • It is naturally crafted in its original form and thus a high quality product.
  • Ideal for fending off electromagnetic radiation for better concentration and good sleep.

Unique salt lamp – Natural air purifying WBM himalayan light review

This is one of the greatly designed Himalayan salt lamps in the market. It has a 25 watt bulb that not only provides a perfect glow for the house but helps emit negative ions into your room to purify the air and free it from allergies and other air pollutants. The natural Himalayan salt lamps of the WBM air purifier provide a pink to orange glow which is perfect for sleep and meditation.

In addition, it has a lamp and a cord that are both UL approved and thus can be relied on for greater efficiency. Other features include; rotary dimmer switch, and 6 ft power cord.

Main features:

  • 25 watt Bulb.
  • Round basket design.
  • Rotary dimmer switch.
  • 6 ft power cord.


  • Durably made with a metal basket to hold the salt lamps perfectly.
  • Has a 25 watt bulb to light well and emit negative ions into the room.
  • Dimmer control allows you change light in accordance to your needs.


Whether you are new to the Himalayan salt lamps or have used them before, knowing what every color has to offer and the features to look for is very significant. These lamps play a very vital role in improving our health as well as providing an aesthetic lightening to our homes. Since, this is a product that will last for years before you needing another one if properly maintained; getting the best is a priority. For this reason, we created this review to help you and others find the best Himalayan lamp to fully offer you health benefits that you feel more pressing and also light your room with a quality glow. Feel free to pick from our above list of the best 5 lamps or use our guideline to get the best Himalayan salt lamp for your home, spa or camping activities.

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