Holidays in St Lucia, Top 10 Things to Do: Beach and Water Sports, Family Fun, Caribbean Island Adventure

There are lots of things to do in St Lucia, the only problem is deciding top priorities. Activities range from jeep safaris to treks and wildlife watching and there are water sports galore and family fun for every day of the week. Some activities, such as diving or climbing, require expert guidance, others are for soft adventure, with a chance to discover the real island beyond the luxury hotels and tingling sands.

Top 10 Things to Do, Beach and Water Sports

  • Swimming and snorkelling along the sheltered Caribbean coast, most popular off Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay, with space for volleyball and games.
  • Windsurfing, at its best but most challenging on the Atlantic coast, kite surfing at Vieux Fort and kayaking around the scenic Pigeon Island.
  • Diving, in warm waters teeming with colourful life, angel fish, sea horses, octopus, coral, sponges and shipwrecks. Top sites are off the west coast, Anse Chastanet, Fairyland, Key Hole Pinnacles, Anse la Raye. Most are for experienced divers but instruction is available in local centres.

Holidays in St Lucia, Family Fun beyond the Sand

  • Sailing along the west coast, half or full day cruises, most including swimming and a stop in Soufrière. The magnificent Brig Unicorn is famous for its Pirates Days when children can play the part, complete with eye patches, swords and painted faces.
  • Gliding above the rainforest in the Sky Ride gondola as a guide points out tree ferns, butterflies and tarantulas. A full hour’s ride, which can be followed by a guided nature walk. Suitable footwear recommended.
  • Discovering the island’s culture at Fond Latisab Creole Park, traditional log sawing, drum beating, dancing, cray fishing in bamboo pots, making cassava bread and touring the estate.
  • Facing nature in the raw at the foot of the mighty Pitons peaks near Soufrière, impressive waterfall in the Botanical Gardens and pungent sulphur fumes in the crowded drive-in volcano.
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Island Adventures, St Lucia in the Caribbean

  • Trekking, from relatively easy as the Union Nature Trail, to strenuous. Most rigorous are climbs to the Pitons and Mount Gimie, the island’s highest point at 950 metres. Sturdy footwear and water essential, guides required.
  • Joining a jeep safari on a bumpy drive into the interior, past colourful villages and banana plantations, coconut stalls and the odd boa constrictor. Great views across steaming hills, short trek and swim may be included.

Wildlife spotting, whales and dolphins out at sea, leatherback turtles nesting on the east coast, and some 175 bird species such as the red-billed tropic bird, the black finch and the endemic St Lucia oriole and parrot.

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