Horse Drawn Carriages Of Tasmania: A pleasant attraction in the historic town of Richmond, Tasmania

The historical village of Richmond is only 26km north of Hobart, Tasmania and has been maintained as a tourist town and historical monument with many original sandstone buildings, the oldest bridge and earliest Catholic church in Australia and a beautifully restored colonial gaol.

Richmond is the perfect place to experience historic Tasmania either on a walking tour or you may choose to take a ride through this lovely town in a restored carriage from Horse Drawn Carriages of Tasmania.

The experience of riding in a horse drawn carriage through the streets of Richmond takes you instantly back over one hundred years and into Tasmania’s convict past. It fuels the imagination and allows passengers to imagine what life would have been like for travellers when the colony was established.

It is possible when booking accommodation in Richmond, or in fact Hobart, to organise a carriage ride at the same time. Horse Drawn Carriages can in some circumstances pick you up at your accommodation in the centre of Richmond. Special occasion carriage rides can be booked by arrangement.

It is best to book at least one day in advance to ensure your place on a carriage and avoid disappointment. If you are simply a casual visitor to Richmond, look out for the carriage and horses parked on the main street of town and have a word to the driver. It may be he has space on his next carriage tour.

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Just a small aside: Due to the fact that horses, unlike cars, are living creatures that must be looked after with a great deal of care, sometimes it is possible that schedules may be changed in consideration for the health and wellbeing of these wonderful animals.

I am sure you will enjoy this Horse Drawn tour with your family. Best of luck.

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