How To Build a Racing Lawn Mower

Do you intend to participate in lawn mower race but don’t have a racing lawn mower? This isn’t difficult as you think. Making a racing lawn mower is easy as you just need to get the right parts then assemble them. You have come to the right site that will help you create a sturdy and quality lawn mower than will enable you to win a race or enjoy your ride.

  • Collection of parts

  • To begin with, you need to collect the right parts for building your lawn mower. If you have a lawn mower, disassemble it and take some parts. Also, speak to friends to help you with parts of a mower that isn’t in use. Another way is by searching in scrap yards, garage or even online on auction sites for parts. The moment you collect all the parts that you need, creating a racing mower becomes easy. This is the most challenging part.

    The parts that you might need include: an engine, transmission, steering wheel, sprockets, brake system, centrifugal clutch, gas lever, front axles & spindles, rear axles & axle hangers, electrical components, high endurance engine, chain, wheels, hubs, and tires.

    1. Constructing the frame

    2. For you to be in a position to sit on your racing lawn mower and ride it, you will be required to not only create a huge, bulky frame, but it should be comfortable too. You can build this by using the existing frame and welding it together. Add other scrap metal to make it stronger and add a seat. Furthermore, it’s vital to reinforce the frame as racing will occur on dirty roads and your lawn mower has no suspension.

      1. Creating a steering system

      2. This is one of the most important parts of building a racing lawn mower. The moment you create a poor steering system, just know it may make you to get knocked out of the race. A steering wheel is not for just turning the wheel as also one requires having a good pitch, caster and turning radius for the chassis to handle the corners well. A direct steering wheel with a direct and sturdy connection to the front wheels is the best.

        1. Installing internal components

        2. A lot of work is needed here. The internal components of the lawn mower should be installed well so that it doesn’t breakdown easily. First of all, you will begin with the transmission, then the brakes. Though, there are different brakes to use, hydraulic brakes are the best for racing lawn mower. They are as well simple to setup. Then, weld the mower deck to the frame and store the battery below this together with the electrical system. Create a puke tank to hold the engine in place and prevent oil spillage on the track.

          1. Add a seat for comfort

          2. Since you will be racing with this lawn mower, it is important to make your seat to be comfortable. There are various types of seats that you can acquire such as one from an old car if you want a very comfortable one.

            1. Painting the lawn mower

            2. To give your lawn mower a great look, you can repaint it so that it appears beautiful. Pain the frame with a lovely color and the wheels you place on the mower should be big too.


              Building a racing lawn mower shouldn’t be a difficult task anymore after reading our guide above. All you need is to get the right parts and follow the instructions of creating the mower. Now, you can register and be ready to participate in a lawn mower race.

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