How To Fix a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is an important equipment to have in the kitchen. But sometimes, it may develop a problem and you might be forced to fix it. For instance, running the disposal unit without water or accidentally dropping items, like jewelry or a metal might make the garbage unit to block up and cease from functioning. Other things that can cause blocking include food items like potato skins, and corn husks. In case the garbage disposal motor stops working, it can overheat very fast and make the red button to pop from the bottom of the disposal. This instantly halts the flow of electricity to protect the motor. In this guide, we are going to show you how to fix your disposal unit easily and quickly in the steps below.

10 steps: How to fix a garbage disposal easily

  • Start by switching off the disposal unit at the main switch. Then, unplug the unit from the wall outlet below the sink.
  • Put a garbage disposal wrench into the center opening in the bottom of the unit. For those who don’t have a disposal wrench, utilize a quarter inch wrench hex key. Rotate the hex key clockwise and counterclockwise to free the blockage.
  • Put the end of the plunger handle into the garbage disposal via the drain opening in the faucet. Utilize the end of the handle to rotate the grinding plate on the bottom of the unit to unleash the blockage. Other disposals might have grinding walls. Push the handle against the grinding wall until it rotates.
  • For another time, rotate the garbage disposal wrench or hex key to make sure that you have released all the jam from the wall or plate.
  • Then, plug the garbage disposal unit back in the outlet under the sink. Switch on the cold water sink faucet to enable water to smoothly flow into the garbage disposal unit.
  • Push the reset button on the bottom of the garbage unit. If it doesn’t remain in the disposal unit, turn off the water and hold back for 10 minutes for the unit motor to cool down. Then, push the reset button in on the unit.
  • Put on the water at the sink. Then, turn on the garbage disposal unit at the wall switch. In case the reset button refuses to and the device still ceases from functioning, turn off the switch and the water and review the circuit breaker.
  • Open the door to the circuit panel. Switch off the circuit breaker in the kitchen, which supplies power to the garbage disposal. Then, turn the breaker back on to reset the breaker.
  • You should view the button on the bottom of the disposal to make sure that it stays pushed into the disposal. In case the unit still fails to function after pushing in the reset button, view the wall switch again.
  • Finally, hold a noncontact voltage detector against the wall switch with the switch in the on state. If there is electricity at the switch, the detector will be forced to beep and flash. Let the switch remain on the on state and hold the detector against the outlet below the sink. In case the detector doesn’t sense the presence of power at the outlet, then the switch might have failed completely and electricity can no more get to the unit motor. This will force you to have the wall switch replaced with a new one. And the unit will have been fixed.
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    A garbage disposal gets jammed if not properly used or if the wrong items get into the disposal unit. If this occurs, you can easily fix the disposal unit by applying the steps we’ve discussed above. For longevity of the garbage disposal unit, you need to generally maintain well your disposal unit.

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