How To Hunt a Deer

Huning deer is a great experience. When you use the right techniques you might just end up with a big deer. Most of the time, deer hunters give up or become impatient when they take hours or even days without finding a target. From setting up necessary cameras to skinning your kill, the deer experience should be done in the right way for successful hunting. Below are some of the various steps to take when hunting for a whitetail or other types of deer.

  • Acquire the essential permits for hunting deer

There are various permits that a person needs for them to commence deer hunting. You should get the necessary certifications from your local department of environmental conservation office or the department of natural resources. Also, you should check the state laws on using of firearms.

  • Ensure you have the right clothing

The types of clothes you wear are important. For instance, orange color cannot be seen by deer very easily. In addition, you can wear camouflage clothes which are not only cool but as well hide you from the deer. Put on hunting boots for added safety.

  • Assemble the right tools to deer hunt with

After picking your weapon of choice, you will have to get the right deer hunting gears. Some of the gears that you need are a hot seat to keep you warm, rangefinder, binoculars,flashlight, knife, compass and a first aid kit.

  • Locate where the deer are based

Identify where the big deer are located. These usually stay away from humans and are smarter. So, you should them in dense and high altitude areas. Other places include swampy areas and places where humans don’t visit most of the time.

  • Bait the area you’re hunting from

If you are hunting the deer on public land, you should bait them so that they come within your range. But if it’s your private property, you can as well plant food to attract the deer to your property and hunting area. Foods like carrots, corn, apples and sugar beets are the best.

  • Get a partner to help you out with the hunting

Hunting can be interesting and safer when you have a reliable partner to hunt with. But in case you’re going to hunt alone, make sure your phone is fully charged, notify your family or friend and have a GPS device with you.

  • Search for signs at the time if hunting

When you start hunting, you should look for deer trails so that your hunting can be successful. Follow things like rubs, scrapes and footprints. These are signs that deer frequent a particular region and a higher chance of hunting them down.

  • Conceal your scent and entice the deer to your base

During hunting, you should hide your odor so that the deer won’t sniff your presence and run away. Spray yourself with a scent. Also, apply different techniques such as doe estrus scent, deer calls and buck urine when hunting to attract the deer close to you.

  • Ensure you have the right shot before attempting

Always be patient when hunting for deer. When you see your target, make sure that you have the aim before shooting. Take a good position such as kneeling and be still when shooting. This will ensure that you don’t miss the target.

  • When you hit the deer, inspect the blood and follow it closely

After shooting the deer, follow its blood trail right away. Shoot at its upper shoulder, neck or at the brain. Inspect the blood and know where you have hit the deer.

  • Follow the blood trail and ensure that it is dead

To successfully trail the deer, start from where you it from and follow the blood trail. At the same time try to remember the direction the deer headed to after you shot it. If you find that it is not yet dead, finish it off.

  • Field dress the deer well and hard work

If you find that it is dead, call your partner to assist you drag it to a safe area where you are comfortable. Then, field dress the deer with the help of your partner and now you can savor your kill.

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