How To Install a Garbage Disposal

Is it your first time installing a garbage disposal or you’re experienced in this area? Whatever the case, setting up a new garbage disposal isn’t a challenging thing if you follow the instructions that we are about to set out as follows:

Step 1: Switch off power and take out drain lines

Check under the sink and see whether the disposal system will fit. Then, switch off power. Take out drain lines and place a rag in main drain to prevent leakage. After that, loosen the big nut on the bottom of the sink flange and drop it. Push the strainer body via the sink and take out.

Step 2: Take out the putty and make loose the screws

Cautiously, get rid of the putty from around the sink opening by use of a screwdriver. Ensure the sink opening is neat. Turn the mounting assembly over, and apply a screwdriver together with your fingers making loose all the mounting screws until you are able to reach the snap ring.

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Step 3: Take out the snap ring

Pry the snap ring off the sink flange by use of a screwdriver. Then, separate all the sections very careful so that you don’t damage the fiber gasket.

Step 4: Use putty

Roll a huge amount of plumber’s putty around the sink opening, and press it securely into position. Then, slip fiber gasket and metal backup ring over the sink flange.

Step 5: Slip the mounting ring on the flange

Hold the fiber gasket and backup ring in place while slipping the mounting ring over the sink flange so that it stays against the backup ring. Put a large rubber band around the flange to hold the parts in place. Ensure its above the snap ring groove.

Step 6: Setup the snap ring

Setup the snap ring by sliding it up the sink flange until it pops into the groove. Don’t forget to get rid of the rubber band.

Step 7: Push the plug

Knock out the plug prior to linking the dishwasher. Turn the disposal unit on its side, then utilizing a flat-head screwdriver push into the plug. Provide it some taps all the way around making the plug to down inside the unit.

Step 8: Recover the plug

Turn the garbage disposal upright and take out the gasket and ring. Turn it upside down once more and recover the plug, Turn it upright, then replace he gasket and ring. Identify the electrical hole and place a wire clamp.

Step 9: Get rid of the access hole cover

Ensure the power is switched off before touching any electrical wires. Get rid of the screw that holds the access hole cover onto the bottom of the disposal system. Get rid of the cover and pull out the disposal wires.

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Step 10: Link and secure the wires

Put the electrical wire in the wire clamp that was setup before. When in the access hole, link the black wire to black and white wire to white. Secure the wires using wire nuts. Then, hook-up ground wire.

Step 11: Push the wires into the access holes

The moment everything is hooked up, push the wires into the access hole and change the cover securing it using a screw. Tighten the electrical clamp.

Step 12: Mount the disposal system

Carry the disposal system and place at the top end of the mounting gasket into the mounting assembly. Turn the lower mounting ring to the right until the mounting tabs are tight.

Step 13: Setup the drain pipes

To properly setup drain lines, connect P-trap to the tailpiece and trap arm. Put the discharge tube into the T fitting. Avoid completely tightening the slip nut. Put the other end of the discharge tube in the disposal system, then utilize a screwdriver to tighten the metal flange applying the bolt delivered with the disposal system.

Step 14: Complete installation

Slide the disposal system’s bell above the disposal drain and clamp it. Then, slide disposal bell form the dishwasher over the barbed connection on the disposal system. Securely clamp the fitting by use of screwdriver.

The garbage disposal system is now ready for use.

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