How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Have you noticed that your lawn mower is tearing grass instead of cutting it smoothly? You should check your lawn mower blade right away as they may be dull. Similar to any other machine, a lawn mower needs proper maintenance for it to continue cutting grass as you want it to. Sharpening a lawn mower is simple by use of some few tools. Read the instructions below to excellently sharpen your lawn mower.

  • Disconnect the spark plug and power source

For safety reasons, never forget to disconnect the spark plug and power source before disassembling your lawn mower. This reduces damage.

  • Turn the mower on its side with the carburetor facing up

For you to access the lawn mower blades, you will be required to turn the mower on its side. But as a result of its construction, turning it over may lead to engine oil spilling into the carburetor and air filter as well.

  • Place a sign on the downward facing side of the blade

One of the mistakes commonly made by DIY lawn mowers is to re-install the blade upside down. In case this occurs, the blade won’t cut. So, it’s important to place a sign or mark on the downward facing so that you don’t forget to re-install the blade the right way.

  • Block the blade and loosen the fastening bolt

Lawn mowers come fitted with a very tight bolt at the center of the blade which is difficult to remove using a wrench as it will turn with the tool. Thus, it’s crucial to block the blade before you loosen the bolt. You can use a wood between the deck and the blade to keep the blade steady as you loosen the bolt.

  • Clean the blade of grass clippings and rust

After removing the blade from the mower, you will need to clean it so that it can be free of grass and any other grim. When you’re done cleaning, dry the blade using a rag.

  • Clamp the blade properly at your work station

The next step is to apply a sturdy clamp or vise to secure the blade. The manner in which you secure your blade should be convenient for you to easily work on it. Also, you may want to place newspaper under it for easy cleanup after sharpening.

  • Sharpen the blade with a file

To properly sharpen the blade, run a metal file along the cutting edge of the blade. Stroke from the inside edge of the blade to the outside edge until a clean shiny edge is acquired. Flip the blade over and repeat the same procedure.

  • Follow the angle of the factory bevel as you sharpen

Maintain the file at the angle of the bevel of the blade as you sharpen. Normally, the blade angle is around 40 or 45 degrees, but this isn’t usually the case. Simply check the manufacturer’s data for the precise angle.

  • Reinstall the blade after sharpening

To effectively re-install the blade, spray some lubricant or sealant on the main bolt to make sure that it doesn’t rust, and then put the blade back on the mower. Tighten the bolt so that it doesn’t loosen.

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After reading our instructions above on how to properly sharpen your lawn mower, you can go ahead and try them. You will have a sharp lawn mower blade that will provide you with smooth grass cuttings leaving your lawn looking beautiful. But if you are in doubt of any procedure during sharpening, always seek the services of a mechanic to help you out.

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