How To Start A Lawn Mower

Is it your first time using a lawn mower? Or has your lawn mower jammed and need way forward on how to start it? Worry not, in this guide; we will help you know how to easily and safely start your lawn mower. Sometimes, people forget some things they need to do to start a lawn mower, but if you get used to it, the process becomes much easier and faster. Read on to understand what should be done in case you are faced with such a situation.

  • Prepare to start the lawn mower

Move the lawn mower to an open grass location. Then, get rid of any rocks or kids toys for safety reasons.

  • Ensure that your lawn mower has gas and oil

It is important to check for oil and gas before you start the engine. If you have a 4 stroke engine, then you can view the oil by opening the oil fill cap or dipstick. But in case your lawn mower has a 2 stroke engine, then you will need to combine oil in the gas. Ensure that you combine the right type of oil with the gas and in the ideal ratios.

  • Inspect the spark plug

Every lawn mower comes with a single spark plug. It usually sticks out on the back or side of the motor, with a lead that appears like a thick wire with a rubber cap connected to it. Actually, this is what makes the motor to function, thus you should ensure the lead is firmly attached to the spark plug. In case it is firmly attached, it will appear like a thick rubber hose capped onto a metal protrusion. In addition, the spark plug should be changed at least every year.

  • Prime the carburetor

Identify the prime button, which is normally a black or red squishly button located on the mower’s body. Push it at least 3 to 4 times so as to force the gasoline into the lines. Don’t overdo with the squishing as you may flood the engine. In the scenario where you can notice the prime button, just check the user manual.

  • Open the throttle

The throttle is normally a lever on the handle of the lawn mower or on the body of the engine. Place the throttle in a mid-to-high position. The moment you skip this step, the engine won’t be in a position to keep functioning once you’ve started it. In case the mower is cold, set the choke. The choke assist to give a richer fuel-air mixture to the engine, which assists it stay functioning until it warms up.

  • Pull the starter cord

In case your lawn mower has a horizontal lever close to the handle, hold it against the handle. Then, grip the handle of the starter and pull upward and faster. You may be required to repeat this before the motor starts up.

  • Diagnose any issue with the lawn mower

There are several issues that can make the engine not to start. These can be diagnosed and get the engine of the lawn mower started. They include: the starter being stuck, smoke coming out of the lawn mower, clear the discharge chute, and shut down when mowing. All of these can be tackled by tackling them.

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With the above simple steps on how to start the lawn mower after it is stuck or just fails to start, you can now go ahead and start your lawn mower without any problem. Also, teach your friend in case they face similar challenges. If you don’t feel confident about starting it yourself, you can always contact a mechanic for help.

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