Number One Bait to Use in Fall: Jig and Pig, the Best Bait for Fall Largemouth Bass

Large mouth bass feed throughout the fall season as they are preparing for the slower winter ahead. They prefer big, bulky baits in fall, and one lure does the trick.

Big, fat, hungry largemouth bass spend most of their time foraging for large, fattening meals in autumn. Throughout the United States and Canada, bass adopt new feeding habits as the year progresses. Insects and small baitfish that were available in the summer are not around in the fall, and consequently bass will rely on larger meals, such as crayfish. In early fall, largemouth may have similar feeding habits as in summer, but as the season really comes around, and the water cools, bass prefer much larger baits. Jig and pigs are the perfect lures to throw in the fall, as they look like big, bulky, easy meals.

The Best Lure to Use in Fall for Largemouth Bass

Jig and pigs are big lures that look mostly like crawfish, but they may also be mistaken by bass to be any other creature moving along the bottom. There are two components of the jig and pig, which are the jig part, and, not surprisingly, the pig part. The jig component is a large, weighted hook with rubber legs, and the pig section, also known as the trailer, is hooked on behind. Once made of actual pig skin, most of these trailers are made of soft plastic today. Zoom Bait Company’s swimming chunk is a great tail piece for any jig.

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Fishing Jig and Pigs in the Fall

These lures are among the easiest to fish. As most jigs are weedless, snags should not be much of a worry for anglers, and retrieving these baits is also fairly simple: the retrieve must be slow and constant, following a simple rhythm. After a jig and pig is cast, it should be allowed to sink, after which the rod should be twitched, to raise the lure up off of the bottom. After the twitch, the slack should be slowly reeled (only a couple of feet of slack line should be created by the gentle twitches). Then, the line should be twitched again, and reeled, and the process should be repeated and continued until the lure is in, or a fish is on. This retrieval technique will have the jig and pig looking like a crayfish, darting along the bottom. Fishing the lures in this way makes them one of the best smallmouth baits in fall as well.

Why Jig and Pigs are the Best Baits for Bass in Fall

These lures are some of the top baits for bass in any season, but they seem to really outperform others in the fall and winter. When water is a little bit cooler than it is in the summer, bass prefer slower moving foods that will fatten them up, and jig and pigs are perfect imitations of such morsels. These lures are better than any other baits in winter and early spring as well, and mid to late fall is arguably the best time of year to catch monster bass, which is often done with the assistance of jig and pigs. These lures are best in dark colors that are not very bright (such as black, dark brown, olive, and pumpkin color arrangements). Larger sizes are also recommended for large fish in the fall.

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Every angler’s tackle box should include an array of jig and pigs, which are the best baits for bass in fall. These lures may be worked slowly in moderately cold water, and still yield fish, most of which should be on the larger side. As jig and pigs constantly produce year round, and are often only lures that work, it is easy to see why they are the number one bass baits for fall.

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