Leasing a Camping Vehicle, RV or Motorhome for European Vacation

You need to plan a camping vacation to Europe in detail. Motorhomes and camping vehicles can be hired, but you probably need to plan a round-trip vacation.

Leasing camping vehicles and motorhomes in Europe is becoming easier as European camping vacations are a popular holiday choice. Be prepared to spend a while locating your vehicle, though. You may need to make some telephone calls to Europe for information and quotes.

Initially, of course, you should plan out your trip and research European driving regulations. If you are planning a long vacation, bear in mind that there may be legal passport limitations to the amount of time you can spend in Europe. You may also need to apply for travel visas if you plan to travel to non-European Union countries.

There is a shortage of motorhomes to rent, so it is advisable to book well in advance. Also consider whether you will need to arrange for an International Driver’s License and be aware that you will also need to carry your valid driving license with you. U.S. citizens can complete an application form and arrange for an International Driver’s permit via the American Automobile Association. Booking a motorhome for a round trip is the cheapest rental option and is often the only way trips can be organized, due to the lack of cross-border motorhome rental companies. It is relatively easy to drive across Europe in a short space of time, though.

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Plan your camping vacation to Europe

Decide how long you will stay in Europe and which countries you wish to visit. You will need to spend time researching motorhome rental companies on the Internet or by phone.

Research the mileage details for your planned trip and find out the location of available campsites. Note that it is difficult to set up impromptu camps in Europe, however, there are numerous inexpensive European campsites. Many of of these sites have a range of facilities and activities.

Decide on your preferred vehicle pick-up and drop off points, based on the research you have conducted. Consider the prices of fuel in the countries you plan to visit. For example, petrol and diesel prices in the United Kingdom amounted to more than $7 per U.S. gallon. Fuel costs will form a large portion of the total price of the vacation.

Leasing Your Motor Home

Contact your preferred motorhome rental company and advise them of the dates you wish to hire a vehicle and how many people will be in your party. Initial quotations are available by Internet from motor home rental companies, such as IdeaMerge. Telephone the motorhome rental companies that do not provide quotations online. You will be advised of any additional extras you may wish to factor into your hire; such as picnic table and chairs, additional motor insurances, or cycle hire.

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Compare the quotations you received and decide which company you intend to hire your vehicle from. Consider factors such as drop-off and pick-up points when making your decision. IdeaMerge utilizes two vehicle rental companies in Germany and it is possible to pick up your vehicle from one location and return it to another. There are no vehicle rental companies with branches across national borders, so it is impossible to pick a vehicle up in Germany and drop it off in France.

When booking your camping vehicle you will need to make an initial deposit by credit card, followed by staged payments for the remainder of the vehicle hire. You will need your valid driver’s license and an International Driver’s license, if necessary, when you collect your vehicle.

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