Nine Things to Do in Philadelphia With the Family

There are many sights to see in Philadelphia. Here are nine good ones.

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

The heart of historical Philadelphia and maybe the heart of historical United States is Independence Hall. The Continental Congress convened here and the first signers of the Declaration of Independence wrote their names at the bottom of the document. Make sure you visit the Independence Visitor Center for tickets into Independence Hall. They will search your bags.

The building across the street from Independence Hall houses the Liberty Bell. No tickets needed here, but lines may still be long. The wait is well worth it to see such a symbol of liberty. In the movie National Treasure, two of the characters run from Independence Hall to the Reading Market in no time at all. It’s a bit further than they showed.

You can buy almost any kind of food at the Reading Terminal Market from meat, fish and other items ready to be cooked, to ready-to-eat foods like seafood, cheesesteak, gumbo, pastries, and beer. Take the food to go and sit in a park, but there are plenty of seats to watch everything going on there. Don’t forget to rub Philbert the Pig’s bronze snout for luck and drop in some change into his bank for charity.

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Rocky Steps and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, not only for the art, but to run up the front steps like Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky. Raise your arms, dance around, and shadow box. Don’t worry; everyone does it. At the bottom of the step is the Rocky statue from Rocky III. Then you are ready to go inside and view some fabulous art.

Franklin Square

Named after Ben Franklin, Franklin Square is a great place to take the children for a break from all the touristy things in Philadelphia. Let them play on the playground, play miniature golf, or ride the carousel. There is also the Squareburger snack shack for a bite to eat. The fountain in the center of the square soothes everyone who enters.

City Tavern and City Hall

Rebuilt in the last century after a fire destroyed the original years ago, visitors can order beers from the recipes of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin. This family-friendly dining place offers food such as bazen rabbit and other culinary fare from the 1700s. Think about the founders of the United States visiting there, having a drink and a bite to eat the City Tavern after a long day of revolutionary work.

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City Hall stands at the iconic building in the Philadelphia skyline with a statue of William Penn adorning the top. Tours are given, but kids like walking through the walkways underneath, making echoes and looking at the animals sculpted in the walls. Kids will also enjoy running around at Board Game Art Park across the street.


No, you won’t see Jack Nicholson here. For authentic Chinese food visit Chinatown. Some won’t like the food because it is authentic, not like the Americanized Chinese buffets. Have fun and roam around the shops and food stores. See live fish in tanks and watch people buy the fish and take them home. Look for the Peking ducks in the windows.

Citizen Bank Park and the Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies have a new home in Citizen Bank Park, constructed in 2004, and they have been winning every since with division titles in 2007 to 2016 and World Series appearances in 2008 and 2009. They won it all in 2008.

Watch Chase Utley and Ryan Howard led the team in a park where there is not bad seat – even the standing room only seats are good. The citizens loves the Phillies so much there are statues of the Phillie Phanatic all around the city.

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