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Stan Megos’ Variegated Foliage Nursery in Eastford, Connecticut, fosters the same type of uncontrollable greed in the heart of a variegated plant nut as a candy store does in the heart of a child.

While most nurseries list some variegated plants, Stan’s nursery is all variegated (or otherwise colored foliage) plants. Lust-making in the extreme for those of us who have succumbed to the beauty and charm of plants whose leaves rival flowers in their attraction…not to mention the fact that their impact in the garden is not fleeting, as are flowers.

Stan’s web site is easy to navigate; all the major links stay with you in the left frame, no matter where you are. Links lead you to information about the nursery, including directions for visiting (I understand the display gardens are marvelous), ordering and shipping information, Stan’s current list of speaking engagements and the plants – which are listed under major headings. Each plant is listed by botanical name, with common name (if any) given as well as zone hardiness and light requirements and a brief description. Thumbnails of photos lead to a larger image for many plants.

The range is wide, from annuals to perennials to ornamental grasses and bamboo, bog plants, shrubs, vines and trees. That notably variegated genus Hosta rates a category of its own.

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You can order online, or, if you prefer, there is a link to a printable order form on the homepage.

Since a great many variegated plants require at least some shade to grow well, there is a tremendous number that are suitable for our shady gardens. I guarantee that you’ll have as much difficulty making up your mind as I have had in narrowing down a list of plants to tell you about. Greed is really the operative word here.


Whites To Light Up the Dark

No color shows as well in shady spots as the non-color, white.

At dusk, white or light colored plants stand out and they do the same during the day in the shade.

Carex muskingumensis ‘Ice Fountains’ PPAF, a sedge, is one of the five thousand species of about one hundred and twenty genera in the family Cyperaceae. I love Carex and this ethereal example is one I must have in my garden.

Native to western North America, the variegated palm branch sedge has a growth pattern reminiscent of a small palm tree. Elegant wispy white fountains of leaves to about thirty inches (0.7 m) tall provide a foil for larger leaves in the moist garden or a container in partial shade from USDA zones 3 to 8.

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Online Nurseries – Variegated Foliage Nursery
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