ATV or OHM Riding and Camping in New Straitsville

How many towns have a road sign that reads “ATV Friendly” in bright white letters? At least one small town in Southeastern Ohio does. The town is called New Straitsville and it’s right on State Route 93 North. It is definitely a weekend-get-away vacation destination that is just over an hour from Columbus, Ohio in Perry County.

New Straitsville, Ohio

At first glance, the small town seems to be a run-down, old coal mine town. There are no stoplights or gas stations. However, there is a pizza shop, restaurant, bar, convenience store, library and church. There is a gas station about 20 minutes near the small historic town of Shawnee.

However, there is something that seems to be a focus of the town. The two “ATV Friendly” signs give the impression that the whole town seems to cater to the all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and off-highway motorcycles (OHM) riders who converge on the town each weekend to ride hard on the trails. Some “weekend warriors” even stay through the week to play.

ATV and OHM Campground

Right on the outskirts of town is Begley’s ATV Campground. The campground has access to the New Straitsville loading ramp. For a fee, the campground has 30 amp electrical hookups and room for all of the ATVs and OHMs you can drag in the camp. In addition, there is a concession stand, showers and restrooms. There is also primitive camping and parking.

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During the months of April through December, the Wayne National Forest Trails are open. From December 16 to April 14 each year the trail is closed to ATV, OHM, and mountain bike use. The loading ramp in New Straitsville gives access to the Monday Creek AVT/OHM Trail System that is approximately 75 miles of designated trails.

Riders have the convenience of getting on their ATVs and being at the trailhead within minutes. There is no need to go on other roads to get to the trails.

Moonshine Festival

The Moonshine Festival is celebrated each May during Memorial Day weekend. New Straitsville’s main drag has a stage for the annual event of the Moonshine Festival where they actually brew moonshine in a display still.

There are queens, carnival food and live music. Riders can be on their ATV one moment and then wander into town to eat a gyro or other greasy carnival food the next.

Natural Beauty of Southeastern Ohio

Beyond what the small town has to offer, there are wonderful rolling hills. The hills are tree-covered and include creeks and ponds.

Critters abound, such as deer, turkey, squirrel to name a few. One will most likely see a deer or two while in New Straitsville. This is a wonderland for the nature lover.

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The ATV rider will enjoy being one with nature and his ATV or OHM in New Straitsville. Just hop into the car and take a short drive to the town that claims to be “ATV Friendly.”

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