Salmon Fishing in British Columbia: Great fishing on Canada’s west coast

Canada – British Columbia – Salmon Fishing

This part of Canada is considered thesalmon fishing capital of the world. If you have often hankered after landing a big one, this is the place to do it.

For the perfectionist, fly fishing is the way to go. This is something that can take a lifetime to learn but it is possible to pick up the basics here on Quadra and you can spend the rest of your life practising and, hopefully landing a few at the same time.

There is expert instruction available and, as you stand there flicking an impossibly long line back and forward over your head, just to get the feel of it, you realise just how difficult it is.

Canada – British Columbia – Salmon Fishing – from the boat

If you only have a week or so to spare, this probably isn’t long enough to become a ‘Compleat Angler’ but you will learn enough to set you on your way. In the meantime there are easier ways of getting to that moment when you can have your photograph taken with a huge salmon in each hand – one you have caught yourself, of course!

Fishing from a boat is not only an easier way to catch that elusive salmon, it’s also great fun and you will be able to see some of thefabulous scenery as you trawl around the islands. Your instructor will pick a spot where he thinks the fish will be hanging out. So, with your line out, you sit in the sun watching and waiting.

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This is part of the enjoyment of fishing in general. You have probably seen people sitting for hours in small boats on rivers or sitting on the banks, with no sign of any catch on show. It’s not always the catch that is the main attraction. It’s the nature of the ‘chase’- trying to figure out where the fish will be and what they might feel like eating that day.

Canada – British Columbia – Salmon Fishing – Reeling them in.

Getting back to the salmon…there are so many salmon in this part of Canada that there’s no way you are not going to get a bite. And when you do, it’s a real hit in more ways than one.! Once you have hooked him you have to let him run. Your instructor will probably tell you to let the salmon take the line – let the fish sweep away from you. This is where you can really feel the power and strength of the fish. After all, he is fighting for his life.

This reeling and letting go continues until the salmon gets closer and closer to the boat. When is close enough, you haul him in. Time now for the trophy photo!

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Canada – British Columbia – Salmon Fishing – Take your prize home.

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