A Travelling Camping Recipe: Sausage And Tomato Casserole With Rice

Tomato And Sausage Casserole with Rice is a quick and simple camping meal. This camping recipe requires just one burner, one saucepan and one frypan. It is a great camping meal for use when car camping, but not for hiking.

Ingredients For Tomato And Sausage Casserole With Rice

1) Rice; about one good handful for each person is a rough quid when out in the bush.

2) Sausages; one or two or three for each person depending on how hungry everyone is.

3) Tinned tomatoes; a 400 gram tin will generally do for four adults. The best type of tinned tomatoes have other bits and pieces, such as spices, already added.

Cooking Tomato And Sausage Casserole With Rice On One Burner

First off, cook some rice. The basic rule for the amount is around one handful per person. Boil water (about three or four times the amount of rice), throw the rice in and stir it occasionally until the rice has absorbed the water.

Drain off the excess water by using the saucepan or a billy lid to keep the rice in the pot. Put this aside while cooking the rest of the meal.

Next, cook the sausages. This is as easy as cooking the rice, and shouldn’t need an explanation.

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When the sausages are nearly cooked, take them out of the pan and slice each into small pieces. Then throw them back in the pan for the final cook.

Open the tin of tomatoes and pour the contents into the pan with the sausage pieces. Mix the entire lot around until everything is hot.

Then the best part: a couple of spoonfuls onto the plates, accompanied by a helping of rice and a good wholesome meal appears.

Enhancements To Tomato And Sausage Casserole With Rice Camping Recipe

Other bits and pieces can be added to this camping recipe, if wanted. Maybe a tin of peas, or some diced carrots, or even some spices.

Cooking the sausages could be done on a barbecue at a camp ground or on an open fire in the bush. Then it is a simple matter of transferring the chopped up sausages into the pan for the final cook.

This camping meal is quick and doesn’t require much to be carried, so is perfect when travelling by car or RV.

Sausages stored in vacuum sealed packaging (Cryovac) is a good option, as they will last longer than loose packed, but have to be kept cool. A fridge in the car or RV is needed for this camping recipe. The rice and tinned tomatoes can be stored for quite a while.

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This is not a camping meal for hiking. Keeping the sausages fresh in a backpack would be a challenge, especially in summer. Also, carrying tinned food is not a clever option when out in the bush.

Another camping recipe using a single burner is Chicken With Couscous.

Or have a look at the camping recipe for Ravioli And Tomatoes which makes another great camping meal.

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