18 Effective ways to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

Have you just hit a weight loss plateau? Don’t panic yet, a weight loss plateau is one of the challenges a person under a weight loss program is likely to encounter. This shouldn’t make you give up, but it should act as a wakeup call for you to adjust some things in order to be back on track. Putting in all efforts from exercising, to dieting and other weight loss activities can make a person feel wasted if they aren’t making any progress. But despite this, experts have discovered ways through which a person can adjust and be in a position to continue shading off some weight.

Therefore, hitting the plateau stage shouldn’t be something a person should greatly tense about. Instead, they should take this period as moment for change and adjust accordingly. In this article, we will talk about the different ways a person can embrace to overcome the plateau stage and continue o shed off some weight. In addition, there are various foods that a person can adjust to help them overcome this disturbing and heartbreaking stage in a weight loss path.

The 5 best types of foods to eat when you reach a weight loss plateau

  1. Raspberries, apples, and broccoli – the key to feeling full is fiber. The nutrient takes longer to breakdown, thus it keeps you full while assisting your digestive system function well. This makes it a recipe for long-term weight loss. In addition, fiber increases insulin sensitivity, which can keep your body from storing the occasional sugary treat as aft. Therefore, adding fiber-rich fruits such as apples, raspberries and pears to your breakfast is amazing.
  2. Dates and cherries – dates and cherries are wonderful fruits that help a person be relieved of stress. One of the main reasons people crave for more food is as a result of stress. Also, instead of eating junk food when you feel hungry, one should eat fruits like dates and cherries which are more nutritious. Avoid foods like cookies and chocolate.
  3. Eggs, almonds, chicken and yoghurt – studies show that high protein diets may keep you from losing lean muscle mass during short-term weight loss. In addition, another study discovered that athletes who restricted their calories to hit a particular weight for their sport and raised their protein intake. This implies that if you are getting your sweat on regularly, you might require protein boost to keep your muscles healthy and spark more fat loss. Adding foods such as almonds, eggs and chicken to your diet will offer you great protein benefits.
  4. Grapefruit – for those who have hit a weight loss plateau, there may be no progress at all. But you can make your weight loss program work and count by taking pre-dinner appetizer. Taking a snack with high water content in it and low in calories, such as grapefruit, will help you lower the number of calories you take in your next meal.
  5. Chili – chili contains a component known as capsaicin which has been proved to change unhealthy fat into brown fat. The brown fat is better than white fat because your body utilizes it as energy. Also, having more brown fat can as well better your insulin sensitivity, which usually keeps you from storing more fat and gives you more energy to assist you through those extra tough exercises.

18 ways to break past a weight loss plateau

  1. Monitor every food that you eat

At times, you might think that you’re consuming the right amount of food, but this isn’t the case usually. A person who thinks he consumes 1000 calories per day may actually be taking more than this. If you are maintain your diet but still not reducing weight, just know that you might be consuming more than you think. Therefore, keep tracking your calories and macronutrients – protein, fat and carbs – can offer concrete data about how much you’re taking in. This will assist you to modify your diet if required. Several researches suggest that recording food intake can assist a person to control the amount of calories they consume.

  1. Control stress

    Stress can usually put a halt on weight reduction. Furthermore, it promotes food cravings. In addition it raises your body’s creation of cortisol. Cortisal is the stress hormone. Even though it assist your body react to stress, it can as well increase belly fat storage. This effect is more common in women who carry a lot of weight in the belly area. This implies that creating too much cortisol can make weight loss to be very tricky. Several findings suggest that learning how to control stress in life can help in weight loss. So, it’s important to manage stress for you to continue losing weight or it will be difficult.

    1. Increases exercise intensity

    Increasing your exercise regimen may support reverse a weight loss plateau. This happens because as you lose weight your metabolic rate as well slows. Thus as weight reduces, the continued reduction in metabolic rate can make progressive weight very hard. But most scenarios show that doing increased exercise from what you were used to help to counteract this condition. For instance, resistance training promotes retention of muscle mass, which is one of the main factors that influence the number of calories you burn during practice and while resting. Actually, training appears to be the most efficient form of weight loss.

    1. Stay away from alcohol

    Despite alcohol not having a lot of calories as one drink usually contains 100 calories, it should be not taken at all. Alcohol has no any nutritional value, but in most cases, people consume more than one bottle which is not healthy at all. Alcohol loosens inhibitions. This is a challenge as it may cause you to overeat or make bad food elections. Also, it can be a huge issue for those being choosey when it comes to eating. A study found out that individuals who reduced alcohol intake reduced in overeating which in turn led to reduced weight.

    1. Eat low carbs diets

    One of the most effective tool for weight loss is by eating a low carb diet. In a study, people who eat 50 grams or less showed high levels of weight loss than those who consumed 50 grams or more. Therefore, reducing your carb intake may assist get your weight again moving in the correct direction after being stagnant for long. There are studies that have discovered that low-carb diets increase fat burning and promote other metabolic changes that favor weight loss. Also, low carb diets have persistently shown to lower hunger and promote feelings of fullness. Furthermore, they cause the body to produce ketones, which have indicated to reduce appetite.

    1. Consume more fiber

    Another great way to break the weight loss plateau is by eating foods rich in fiber. This is extremely right for soluble fibers which are able to dissolve in water or liquid. First and foremost, soluble fiber slows down the movement of food via your digestive tract, which can I turn make you feel full and satisfied. Despite several studies finding out that all fibers are good for weight loss, various studies found that a soluble fiber which is referred as viscous fiber was the best at keeping appetite and food intake in control. In addition, fiber may assist weight loss by lowering the number of calories you absorb from other kinds of foods.

    1. Attempt intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting has become very popular among weight loss practitioners. This kind of fasting entails long period of time without eating, usually between 16 to 48 hours. This practice has been applauded with promoting the loss of body fat and weight, besides other health benefits. A good number of intermittent fasting research discovered that it led to 3 to 8 percent weight loss. Another form of intermittent fasting is alternate day fasting where a person takes very few calories a day and consume more on the next day.

    1. Take water, coffee or tea

    Although sugary beverages lead to increase in weight, other types of beverages may assist change the weight loss stall. Different research have found out that water can boost metabolism by 24%after taking it. When taken over a long period of time, this may lead to weight loss. Also, this function efficiently to people who take water before meals that makes them feel full and they end up taking less food. In addition, coffee and tea may as well benefit your weight loss program. These two beverages have caffeine, which has shown to increase fat burning and boost metabolic rate by a maximum of 13%.

    1. Eat low fat protein to manage hunger pangs

    A study has found out that eating food rich in protein helps to reduce hunger. This is because foods that contain proteins lowered levels of ghrelin greatly, which in turns assists to keep hunger pangs in check. Ensure you eat foods rich in low fat protein to assist you feel full and lower hunger unlike carbohydrate foods that increase food cravings.

    1. Get a lot of sleep

    Sleep is really important for human beings as especially for mental, emotional and physical health. Studies have as well found out that lack of enough sleep can lead to weight gain. This is because the metabolic rate is lowered and altering hormone levels to deprive appetite and fat storage. In situations of stalled weight loss, having enough sleep can play a huge role in reversing the weight loss plateau. In order for an individual to lose weight, getting at least 7 hours sleep will help a lot.

    1. Take protein throughout the day

    Protein is great when consumed throughout the day. Thus, taking proteins throughout the day offers you with various chances to boost your metabolism through the thermic effect of food. Some research have as well discovered that eating protein at every single meal is really beneficial for weight loss and muscle mass retention. Specialists suggest that adults should consume a minimum of 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal.

    1. Beware of calorie creep

    One of the weakest things to maintain or control is the amount of food a person consumes. It is simple to workout as needed but sticking to a strict diet can turn out to be challenging. You may discipline yourself for some days but a day comes that you are not able to control yourself and end up eating more. Thus, you should check your calorie intake and ensure you don’t consume foods with more than 200 calories. Concentrate on food that is rich in fiber, take diet soda and order pizza with veggies. Ensure you eat a balanced diet with less calories to cut off weight steadily.

    1. Try yoga to avoid stress eating

    Also, performing yoga in class or at home will help you cut off weight drastically. Yoga is an effective weight loss activity that a good number of people have embraced in the past. Yoga functions well by aiding to lower levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity. This is a sign of the body to burn food as fuel, instead of keeping it as fat.

    1. Stop depending on the scale alone

    When losing weight, one should check their weight on the scale from time to time. In addition, it’s important to understand that the scale reading may not correctly show you progress, like changes in your body composition. Instead of weight loss, your main target is fat loss. People who workout regularly build up muscle. Thus, when the scale is not moving, this may be an indication that they are maintaining a stable weight.

    1. Stay extremely active

    Carrying out exercise is very crucial but other factors as well influence the number of calories you burn every single day. For instance, a person’s metabolic rate increases in response to fidgeting, changing posture and similar types of physical practices. Such kinds of practices are referred to as non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Studies have indicated that neat has major impact on your metabolic rate, even though the amount differs greatly from one individual to another. The study further elaborated that people’s metabolic rates rose by an average of 54% when fidgeting while seated and 94% fidgeting when standing.

    1. Comprehend your weight loss personality

    This is another excellent way to break the weight loss plateau. Before you blame anyone or the method, ensure that you check your weight loss personality. If you are a person who has no discipline while out with friends, avoid going to places where you will get back to consuming foods with a lot of calories instead of avoiding them. Create some rules for you so that you don’t end up engaging yourself in activities that make you return to your old habits that may lead to weight gain.

    1. Include vegetables in your meal

    One of the best foods to take for weight loss are fruits and vegetables. A good number of vegetables are low in calories and carbs, high in fiber, and are loaded with beneficial nutrients. Several studies have noted that a good number of weight loss meals contain vegetables. The bad news is that a good number of people don’t eat enough of these weight loss foods. Vegetables can be easily added to any meal including breakfast. Consume these on a daily basis and you will lose weight quicker that you anticipated. Such foods will help you by-pass the plateau stage and proceed to lose weight.

    1. Be realistic

    One of the reasons that make people give up on weight loss is because they set goals that they can’t attain. For instance, targeting to shade off a lot of pounds at once can be unrealistic. Come up with goals that are attainable so that you don’t end up settings goals that make you feel you aren’t moving forward.



    As seen from the above information, a weight loss plateau can be very hurting and disturbing at the same time. After struggling to shade off some weight after sacrificing a lot, a weight loss plateau can be a hit back to all the efforts put in to cut weight. The above ways can be used to by-pass the plateau stage and enable a person to continue shading off some weight.  No matter practices you decide to pursue, don’t give up but embrace them with one heart as you proceed on your quest to cutting off a certain amount of weight.

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