When To Use Buck Urine to hunt Deer?

Hunting a deer is no easy thing. Whether it’s on private land or public property, deer hunting is one of the most challenging activities a person can engage in. It requires a lot of patience and skill. First of all, you need to have the right deer scouting attires, accessories and study the area to triumphantly detect where the deer might be based. If you are a beginner, hunting down a deer might prove almost impossible but with the right methods and techniques, one may be successful in the long run. Also, you should know the type of deer you’re hunting and how to trail it down.

People use different methods to entice and trap deer when hunting. After discovering where the deer might be hidden, it’s tight to lure the deer and hunt it down. The methods you sue vary drastically with season and the type of deer you are trying to catch. Some of the commonly used substances to entice deer are attractant scents. Use the scents well and with regard to the season. Some of the common deer scents on the market include: doe urine, doe estrous, tarsal gland and buck urine. In this review, we are going to look at the buck urine. This is one of the commonly sued scent attractant.

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Usually, buck urine is applied during early season as a curiosity scent and in the late season as a territorial infringement attractant. Also, in the middle to late rut, it can be utilized to get the concentration of a big buck by using the scent of another buck. The buck urine scents is normally created by gathering the buck urine of a certain buck and use it on a territory of another. This scent is functional because deer communicate via bodily secretions like urine. So, when there is urine of a buck in a certain place, this is a sign of a status and sexual status of a buck in that area. In this case, a dominant buck will view this as a challenge. Therefore, using this scent challenges other bucks making them to stick in the area for a while and a chance for you to bow hunt the buck that will stick around.

In order to have a better shot, you should spray the buck urine scent close to your stand. This will trick the buck into your stand providing you with a better chance to shot the buck. Use buck urine when close to the rut and where you have detected the deer to be in large numbers.

The buck urine scent attractant is proven and should be applied only during the recommended period. When used in a different season, it won’t be very effective. Use the buck urine scent as we’ve suggested for you above attracting the deer into your stand and having a kill that you’ve been longing for.

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