Best Wireless Game(Trail) Camera Reviews 2019

Game cameras have proven to be of great importance due to the different roles they play today. Since we live in a dynamic world, new technologies are created daily and in one way or another we’ve to embrace them for efficiency and effectiveness.
For the case of game cameras, the introduction of wireless game camera in this industry elevated their purpose. It is now easier to receive your photos wherever you are; for instance through your e-mail or phone, without being physically but with your wireless camera.

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Why you need Wireless Game Cameras?

The creation of wireless camera in the industry has improved outdoor activities like hunting and security surveillance too. In this review, we will take you through the best wireless cameras in the market. But before that, it’s crucial to know some of the key features to look for in a wireless camera. The introduction of the wireless camera was regarded as a major milestone in the hunting industry.

How the wireless camera work?

How does the wireless game camera functions? This type cameras use a signal of their own, although they cover a very limited range. Most of the cameras use Wi-Fi or cellular networks. For them to sustain a constant access with the Wi-Fi network, the game camera functions by utilizing a very greater current draw. With such high power usage, the wireless trail cameras usually come with an AC for inserting backup power. When it comes to cellular networks, you are required to purchase one with a SIM card from a cellular provider. It can be Verizon or AT & T. These are charged on a season or as per use.

Main features of Camera

When selecting a wireless camera, ensure its batteries are long lasting as they use a lot of power. Most of them have power outlets for connecting to an external power source. Wi-Fi enabled game cameras use more power when compared to Cellular game cameras.

Wireless cameras trigger speed

The trigger speed of the wireless game camera should be a bit faster so that it captures actual images and not blurred ones. Most great game cameras take maximum of 1.5 seconds to snap a photo.

Game camera photo or video quality

A photo or video is judged by its clarity. The more megapixels the camera has the better the images will be after being taken. The best wireless cameras have megapixels of more than 8MP.

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Infrared flash cameras

Check the Infrared flash range of the camera. This is the distance which flash from the camera covers. The larger the infrared flash ranges the better, especially at night or in a dark area.

Wireless camera’s images or videos sending option

Make sure that the wireless options of the game camera you are picking are able to send photos or videos to your email or phone through the Wi-Fi or cellular network you pick.

Quality Photos of game cameras

The Photo quality of the camera should be highly regarded. A wireless camera with a high resolution will ensure you capture quality photos. You can compare this feature with other two popular brand Moultrie and Browning camera.

Other features of wireless cameras

Other features to consider are Security and the storage capacity of the game camera. A camera with a high resolution and high megapixels requires a larger storage capacity.

Our recommend top 5 best wireless game camera reviews

There are several brands of wireless cameras in the market. After going through several reviews, here are our top 5 wireless game cameras.

  1. Covert scouting wireless camera review (Our top pick)

To begin with, the Covert special Ops code black wireless camera is one of its kind. The camera has a flash range of 60 feet or more. With 8MP resolution, you can be assured to capture high quality photos. The MMS wireless feature of this Covert 60 led allows you to connect the cam to your phone or email in order to receive images and videos as soon as they are taken. Another unique feature of this wonderful camera is that it can be adjusted to 3 different sensitivity levels.  As well, it can take up to 3000 pictures and has a storage capability of a 32GB SD card or less. It’s also ideal for use by hunters or for security purposes.

Covert wireless cameras review
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  • Has a large storage capacity as it can allow up to 32GB Card capability.
  • Its flash range is large enough to cover a wider area.
  • The wireless feature enables you receive photos or videos in your phone.


  • Short battery life as the camera uses a lot of power to operate.
  1. Best Spartan 3g camera reviews

The Spartan brand of game cameras is one of the best in the industry. It comes with a great design that is easy to install in the woods or in your backyard. As well, the Spartan has a security feature that allows pictures to be transferred with or without AES 256 encryption. In addition, it is powered by 12 AAA batteries to ensure that it lasts a bit longer. Furthermore, the camera has the capability to illuminate to a range of 70 feet and above. When it comes to clear and quality photos, the 8MP ensures that the photo is of a high resolution.

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Spartan cameras reviews Check Price on Amazon


  • Easy to set up.
  • It sends images and videos after a short duration of tacking shots.
  • The camera is water resistance and can sustain you through different conditions.


  • Uses a lot of power and requires backup to run continuously.
  1. Bushnell wireless trail camera review – Spartan HD GoCam review

With a fantastic design and strong body, expect the Bushnell trophy cam to perform exceptional. It has 8MP which guarantees you a high resolution and quality photo. Has a longer battery life when compared to the first two reviews. This is because its batteries can function for 3 months. The camera is very durable as it is constructed using extremely quality materials. The camera never misses a shot as it has a powerful sensor that detects heat and motion to trigger the camera to capture an image. Other great features include; different operating modes, it’s weatherproof, and is solar compatible too.

Bushnell wireless trail cameras review
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  • Takes fast and accurate shots.
  • Images captured are of high quality.
  • Has a very powerful sensor to detect heat and movements.


  • The camera is less effective at night and offers blurred or low quality photos.
  • It covers a short detection distance.
  1. Spartan gocam reviews – Best 3g game cameras

This wireless trail camera at&t uses 12 AAA batteries which can last up to two weeks. It has a great design which is easy to install. For better security, you can use encryption to send images. The photos and videos taken by this camera are of high quality as it has 8MPs which is high resolution. Also, the camera has the ability to cover a distance of 70 feet. For better storage of your photos and videos, you can insert an exterior SD card.

Best 3g game cameras reviews Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • Easy to set up.
  • The trail camera Produce very clear images and videos.
  • Has a larger detection zone.


  • Power consumption is high and requires backup.
  1. Bushnell trophy cam review or bushnell hd game camera review

Last but not least, the Bushnell Trophy cam is one of the best. The camera is powered by 12 AAA batteries and has a backup source like solar. The image quality of this camera is very high as it has 14 MPs and a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds. The wireless trail camera sends you photos immediately they are captured to your email or phone for viewing. In addition, the camera is weatherproof and can survive all harsh weather conditions.

Bushnell trophy cam review
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  • Simple to setup.
  • 14MP assures you very clear and high quality photos.
  • Has GPS and can be monitored easily.


  • Has a shorter battery life which needs support to operate properly.

If you are looking for the best wireless game camera in the market, there are varieties to choose from. Just make sure you select one with great features offered at a very reasonable price. But above all, ensure it serves your needs.

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